This Singer’s Story Of How Her Passion For Music Beat All Odds Is Winning Facebook


The post is guaranteed to leave everyone inspired.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to follow your passion and never give up on it, this post featuring singer Aditi Singh Sharma will make the perfect read for you. In the post, shared on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page, Aditi talks about her journey in music and her initial struggle in Bollywood. She talks about how she always worked towards her passion despite all odds and that’s probably why the post is winning so much love on Facebook.

Aditi begins the post by talking about how music was always a part of her, thanks to her parents. And no matter what happened in her life, she always followed her passion. From facing racism in Moscow where she moved as a child, to teachers in her Delhi college who didn’t support her passion for singing, to the time when she lost her father when she was just 20-years-old, Aditi didn’t give up on her passion. Her mother encouraged her to pursue her dreams and after graduation, Aditi decided to take up music professionally.

She goes on to talk about her struggle in Bollywood. “There was a ‘directory’ of people in the music industry – I literally went door to door to drop off my CD at every person’s home or office mentioned. I was determined to make my voice be heard,” she says in the post. She eventually sang her first song for 2009 film Dev D.

Her struggle didn’t end there. While finding good work was still tough, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. “I had to balance being with her and manage my tours. But being the strong woman that she is, she encouraged me to go,” she says.

Aditi ends the post with some moving words guaranteed to inspire everyone. Read her message and the post in its entirety below:



Since being shared last evening, the post has collected quite a few reactions.

“Your courage was your crown and you wore it like a queen. Lots of love and blessings,” says one Facebook user. “A moving inspirational story,” says another.

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