People Are Freaking Out Over These Puppy Shaped Ice-creams That Look Too Real To Eat!



  • Puppy shaped ice-creams are Instagram’s latest obsession
  • J.C. Co Art Kitchen is serving freakishly real puppy ice-creams
  • These ice-creams come in 3 shapes- pugs, labradors and shar peis

In the day and age of Instagram foods, anything is possible. You may be familiar with the fact that cute dog videos make for viral content. But, now a dog shaped ice-cream is also going viral on Instagram and it looks scary realistic! There are hundreds of videos of people digging into what looks like a tiny, sleepy puppy on a plate on Instagram and YouTube. But, don’t worry – neither is this ice-cream made from puppies, nor is it meant for them to eat. It’s just a cute/freaky puppy-shaped ice-cream that is wowing people and creeping them out in equal measure. The trend originated in Taiwan, where one particular eatery created an ice-cream that looks exactly like a shar pei – a breed of Chinese dog. What is amazing about this ice-cream is the lifelike look of the tiny animal, which looks like it is going to start wagging its tail any moment now.

The puppy ice-cream was first served to its customers by J.C. Co Art kitchen in the southern city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan and it has become wildly popular on the internet ever since. The restaurant serves ice creams shaped like three different breeds of puppies – pugs, shar peis and labrador. The ice-cream pups typically have googly eyes and look like they’re lying on their stomachs on your plate, waiting for you to pet them.

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Take a look:

Doesn’t that look freakishly real? But, how are these adorable puppy ice-creams made? It’s not that easy to get them to look as lifelike as they look. The ice-cream mixture is first put into special dog moulds and then frozen at minus 22 degrees Celsius before they are given the final touches and then served to the customers. The pups come in different flavours – labrador puppy ice-creams are earl grey flavoured, while the shar peis and pugs are peanut flavoured. These puppies have started showing up more and more on Instagram. These ice-creams are being sold at a price between NTD 110 and NTD 188 (or Rs 260 and Rs 445). So far, the people who have tried the ice-cream have quite liked the taste as well. But, some people have been mildly disturbed by how real the puppies look. Would you try this ice-cream? Let us know in the comments below!

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