Read: Esha Gupta Sets The Record Straight On What It Means To Be Healthy In This Instagram Post!



  • Esha Gupta posted a long message about beauty and body shaming
  • “..being thin isnt being sexy”, wrote Esha Gupta
  • Esha encouraged her followers to be healthy instead of being thin

Bollywood actor Esha Gupta is constantly in the headlines, if not for her roles and movies, then for her impeccable sartorial sense. Recently she made headlines for actively promoting the cause of relief and rehabilitation of displaced and destitute families due to the recent floods in Kerala. Esha is quite active on her social media pages, which she was using to encourage her fans and followers to contribute to the state fund for Kerala floods. More recently, she posted something about body positivity, health and fitness on her Instagram and everyone wanting to ‘look like a celebrity’ should read. The model and actor, who has a super fit and toned physique, shared a special message to set the record straight on what it means to ‘be healthy’ and the key takeaway seemed to be the fact that a skinny body doesn’t have to ‘define beauty or health.’

Esha Gupta wrote on Instagram, “A lot of you women comment saying they wish they were skinny on my posts and it really disturbs me. NO.. skinny doesn’t define beauty or health.” She then spoke about her own fitness routine and stressed on the fact that her body metabolism great, but she constantly works out to maintain it. She said, “I workout a lot. I eat healthy vegan meals (mainly cus always been vegetarian n lactose intolerant). I do have a great metabolism, but I workout for that.” She then addressed a common misconception about what it means to look desirable, saying, “But being thin isn’t being sexy. It’s the confidence.”

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She urged her followers to destroy the notion that only thin bodies are beautiful and instead encouraged them to work towards being healthy. “A real woman should be proud of her body, her curves. Most importantly, BE HEALTHY. Yes if you’re over weight and that affects in your health then work towards it”, Esha said, adding, “Stuffing a burger is a bad option, have a healthier sandwich instead. But never body sham anyone, especially your self. You are magic..” (sic)

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Now that’s some sage advice that many of us need to follow. Instead of starving ourselves to reach an impossible body weight, we should learn to love ourselves first. If we try to lose weight in an unhealthy and unplanned manner, we may end up developing eating disorders, deficiencies and health disorders of various kinds. But what Esha Gupta is promoting through her message is a more holistic approach toward health. This message is extremely important, especially in today’s over-competitive world, and we hope more celebrities promote this attitude toward health, over unhealthy fad diets!

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