Ayurvedic Ice-Cream Anyone? This Indian Restaurant In New York Is Famous For Its Handmade Ice-Creams



  • Pondicheri in NYC is popular for serving India-inspired dishes
  • The restaurant has a range of whimsical flavours with spices and herbs
  • Moringa mint avocado, turmeric, chocolate chilli are some flavours

Ice-cream is a universal favourite and when it comes to dessert, you can hardly ever go wrong with the cold treats. While we all have preferences when it comes to ice-cream flavours, there is one Indian restaurant that is changing the ice-cream game, forcing people to take notice of its uniquely refreshing flavours and supreme quality. While the world goes gaga over Ayurvedic spice turmeric that has a number of health benefits, Pondicheri in NYC is getting people acquainted with other lesser known heroes of Ayurveda, like sesame, poppy, moringa, etc. The cafe and restaurant, which is a hot favourite among New York’s Indian food lovers, has a range of very interesting handmade ice-creams served in specialty cones, which contain edible flowers, poppy seeds, pink peppercorns etc. Pondicheri’s range of ice-creams is creating a stir among NYC’s dessert-loving populace due to the presence of Ayurvedic superfoods in them.

Some of the most popular flavours of ice-creams include papaya orange rolled in pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, moringa mint avocado rolled in crushed pistachios, chocolate chilli cookie dough and golden or turmeric ice-cream. The ice-cream scoops are served as is, or in a range of whimsical cones, which are also made by cone and contain ingredients such as turmeric powder, poppy seeds, chilli powder and some edible flowers like hibiscus and rose.

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You can mix and match any two flavours or enjoy the unique taste of any one flavour, but whatever you opt for, these ice-creams at Pondicheri are sure to leave your palate satiated and delighted.

These ice-creams don’t just look pretty, but have been appreciated for their unique taste as well. What’s more? They’re also available in dairy-free options! Pondicheri’s unique ice-creams have been featured in a number of local and international food publications. The restaurant, which is owned by Anita Jaisinghani and Ajna Jai, is known for its amazing range of India-inspired dishes, including coconut jaggery pancakes, mushroom and cheese samosa with tomato kasundi, crab curry stuffed in squid ink pooris, gulab jamun donuts and much more! Another popular sweet attraction includes the Bournvita ice-cream sandwiches with Parle-G biscuits.

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So, the next time you’re in New York and find yourself yearning for something fresh and homely, you know that Pondicheri is probably the best place to head to!



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