Beat The Heat With These Homemade Raw Mango Popsicles Or Kacche Aam Ki Chuski, Recipe Video Inside


There are a few things that can really bring a smile in this scorching heat. Biting into a fruity ice-popsicle is one of them. Colourful and delectable, these popsicles bring out the child in all of us. Let’s admit it, no matter how old we are, we would still rush to the nearest mirror or any reflective surface to check our tinted tongues after downing a popsicle. Such is the magic of yummy and vibrant popsicle. Did you know that these popsicles were invented by an accident? As per the legends, Frank Epperson of Oakland, California, was trying to make himself a soft drink. He put a stirring stick, in a liquid blend of powdered soda and forgot about it. Later, he observed that the liquid froze to the stick and resembling a candy-like treat. And, thus, was born the first ever popsicle or ice-lolly. 

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These popsicles are a fairly easy treat to make at home? It is basically just fruit concentrate and frozen water. Since, nothing spells summer like mangoes, how about making use of the seasonal goodness into making some delicious ice-lollies at home. This particular recipe by Mumbai-based blogger Alpa Modi, uses fresh and tangy raw mangoes to make some delectable popsicles. There, we saw you slurping.  

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Raw mango and its versatility is a much celebrated affair in our Indian kitchens. You can tuck into it as it is with a sprinkle of masala on top, or use them to make chutney or pickle. This yummy recipe of raw mango chuski, packs the natural goodness of freshly cut raw mangoes, sugar, mint leaves, lime juice, roasted cumin powder, and pinch of rock salt. Blend them nice and smooth and refrigerate overnight for best results!

Here’s the recipe, let us know how you liked it! 



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