Snap Fires Two Executives After Alleged Sexual Misconduct: Report


Snap has reportedly dismissed two of its senior executives in the recent weeks. According to a report, the social media firm found out after an investigation that one of the executives allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with a contract worker. The other executive wasn’t directly involved in the incident but had hired the person reportedly involved in sexual misconduct. According to another report, the third-party consulting firm, where the contract worker was employed, was paid a sizable amount of money by the Snap executive on the behalf of the company.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that an outside investigation found that Snap’s head of global security, Francis Racioppi, fired the contractor after their relationship ended. The Journal attributed the news to unnamed people familiar with the matter. Racioppi and his superior, Jason Halbert, the head of human resources, were asked to leave the company following the investigation. Racioppi used to report to Halbert at Snap.

Cheddar is separately reporting that Racioppi had paid a six figure amount to the third-party consulting firm, where the contractor was employed, on the behalf of Snap.

The firings follow a series of high-profile executive departures from Snap. Finance chief Tim Stone left earlier this week after less than a year at the company. Stone was recruited in May of last years after a 20-year stint with Amazon, where he last served as the vice president of finance. In addition to Tim Stone, more than half a dozen of senior Snap employees have left in the past year, including Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, who was Snap’s company’s head of global strategic partnerships and chief strategy officer Imran Khan.

Los Angeles-based Snap Inc. had no comment on the Journal report. The two executives couldn’t be reached for comment. The Journal quoted Racioppi denying wrongdoing.

Written with inputs from AP



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